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Talented Nigerian Afro-fusion singer-songwriter, YinQue AfriQue, has recently enlisted equally talented vocalist and performer, Nosa, on a brand new remix of his 2014 masterpiece, ‘Tell The Truth’, and it’s multiple shades of impressive.
When ‘Tell The Truth’ was released in 2014, it was such a breath of fresh air. Now, nearly four years later, the song which is still as relevant today as it when it was when it was released just got revamped by way of a remix and a brand new video featuring the phenomenal, award-winning Nosa.

Just like the original song, this remix of ‘Tell The Truth’ bears with it the salient message of the importance of being totally honest regardless of the possible consequences, reminding us that the truth will always set us free.

The lyrical and vocal prowess of the two soulful singers come together so wonderfully on this remix as they each take turns to pass across the all-important message of sincerity with their compelling deliveries

The brilliant video was directed by Wole Dada for Hashtag Entertainment, and is simple but sufficient, a refreshing break-away from the usual highly edited videos we’ve seen so much of in recent times.

This remix of ‘Tell the Truth’ is just what you need to treat yourself to right away, especially if you’re a lover of good old soulful, Nigerian music.

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