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Uwese is a Thanksgiving Song from my heart, showing appreciation to God for His Mercies, benevolence, and Kindless. This is my very first Single for which I am grateful to God for seeing me through Hard times even while preparing for this work, to Him be


(Verse 1) I lift My Voice To You Yeah! Great and Mighty God I lift My Hands To You Oh Lord! You are Awesome God Forever you Reign (You Reign) Yeah 3x Faithful God You are there When I call You are there You took My Pain all away Bore my sins now am free I Lift my Voice to you Oh LordYeah! Great and Mighty God I Lift my Hands to you Oh Lord You are Awesome God (Chorus) Ibuwere Oh Osanerawen Ibuwere Baba Uwese Vwe Gbe-vwen oh Uwese Vwe Gbe-maya 2x (Verse 2) Okote tebite Yeah Vwo Oba niyegbeko You are the reason why I can sing today You are so beautiful You are so wonderful To me (To Me) Bridge Uwe mia-wen ehi-natutie-nuyavwan Uwese 2x Etie eeh Onakhunewve Oh Uwese 2x There is none, no one else like You Uwese 2x Uwese Oh

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