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Wow Another Amazing song from Young Emmagold "winner" voice of cgmi season2. A pop song PRODUCE by berryblue I titled this song #blessed_Child,it a song of appreciation to God Almighty, for what ever level i am in life God keeps showing His face...


S.. O..N..G......L..Y..R..I..C..S VERSE1 Am moving forward I will stay in your word my life is built When i think When i read of all the things you've done for me. My pains they've gone I am a victor I am a ruler I am a victor You're my everything My heart will seek for you my God CHORUS I am a blessed child I am a miracle child God owns my life It my season........ X3 VERSE2 You're so amazing You're my king You're my joy You bring me peace You're the source of my strength i nor lie because you're my God........ You're my life You're my strength You're my God You're bigger....... BRIDGE I am a ruler I am giver I am a victor Am a blessed child X2 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

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